Junior Developer

We are growing and are looking for a junior developer. We believe that you are a highly motivated and outgoing person with good communication skills. You take pride in writing high quality code. You are also open-minded and love to fiddle with new technologies. You like the idea of being part of a startup for the chance to build something from the bottom up – both in terms of technology and culture.

You will, among other things:

  • build systems in Go (golang), but also other languages and technologies when so fit
  • take part in the development of our architecture and technology stack
  • create services and applications from top to bottom, by yourself or in a team
  • define our web APIs, and integrate external services
  • learn more about Google Cloud

Requirements and skills

  • you are a fast learner and thirsty for knowledge
  • you like Go
  • you have programmed in one (or more) of the following languages: Python, C#, Ruby, Javascript and know when to adjust the technology to a specific problem
  • you know SQL well enough to create and manage relational databases but also understand other storage options like Redis or MongoDB

Does this sounds interesting?

Send us an email at jobs@shipwallet.com and we’ll get in touch!