Increase Sales

Increase Conversions by offering No-Click Shipping

Shipwallet aggregates shipping services into a platform and offers "no-click shipping" to increase merchants conversion and sales - utilizing a customized shipping experience and better options through an algorithm that automatically suggests the very best option for specific consumers based on behavior, preferences, pricing, type of product, time, geography, neighbors preferences, pick-up point rating and much more data.

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Improve Consumer Experience

Give your customers more and better shipping options

Simple shipping checkout and greater convenience means increased conversion on desktop and even higher on mobile. On top of that you will see an increase in consumer satisfaction, loyalty and purchase frequency.

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Increase shipping margin

Increase your shipping margin and integrate more shippers with one click

Data mining & predictive analytics will accelerate your pace of making informed decisions, predicting customer behavior, create segmentations and increasing shipping margin.

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Shipping isn't broken, it just
needs some love.

Benefits for Merchants
Benefits for Shoppers

Increase conversions

Predictive Shipping makes checkout easier for your customers.

Flexible platform

Easily add the Shipping Product you´re missing..

Save time

One-time integration. Every Carrier.

More choice

Offer consumers more and better shipping options.

Responsive widget

Mobile friendly and easy to use.

Save money

One fee. No maintenance and ongoing development costs.

More Options

Choose the best shipping option for each occasion.


Better data lets you make more informed choices.

On your terms

Cheap. Convenient. Fast. We enable them all.

We do the work

We predict your best shipping option.

Shop Often Online?

Shipwallet collects all your purchases in the same place.


Get personalized shipping options from all carriers in one place.

Shipwallet is growing.

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